jem a poem i wrote

something always happens within my heart or head
a voice or motion or vision of thought that can be interpreted either way
but something always happens beneath the crude exterior
of me or you or us in general but something always happens

a change of light or shadows or a fading of the both
or a movement towards my core of self and shedding of a faze
although there are many ways to illuminate with words
the change of change that always maintains and comes around again.

until I feel it mount after my welcoming inner gestures
I only forget to close to hide myself in comfort within
my memory and sympathy, fear, disgust and with my tendencies
of emptiness or loneliness, hungriness or guiltiness of memory and fear

I will be free within my own ignorance and you
will be beautiful within that tiny moment and I will be loved when
you tell me I am, tell me you understand and I will be happy
when you tell me I am until something happens again
mikey welcome to blather. i love poems. 010311
jem thanks, this place is pretty kool
how long has it been around?
i forget how i found my way here... curious how these things happen
johnny west I don't know much about it myself, but I think it's been around for three years or so. Who started it is a mystery to me... 010311
unhinged my friends at dennys told me about it...the oldest posts i've come across were put up in 98. 010311
johnny west Perhaps blather created itself. 010311
mikey or - art web ring club sorta thing. i think they started it as a new idea see how it goes. 010311
girl_jane heartbroken 030617
User24 thisisblather 030617
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