mon uow "be human. value life.

walk the walk."
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. "...A Closer Walk is the first film to depict humankind's confrontation with the global AIDS epidemic..."

"...More than 50 women, men, and young people have been interviewed or profiled in the following regions and locations: Uganda, South Africa, Haiti, Switzerland, India, Nepal, Ukraine, Cambodia, and various locations in the United States including New York City, Kansas City, San Francisco, and Cambridge. Subjects and story lines encompass the broad spectrum of the global AIDS experience and include people with HIV/AIDS from all walks of life; AIDS children and orphans and those caring for them; doctors, nurses, and social workers; human rights advocates; and prominent scientists, economists, researchers, government leaders, and NGO officials. The film s basic themes remain the underlying causes of AIDS; the relationship between health, dignity, and human rights; and the universal need for action, compassion, and commitment to counter what has become the worst plague in human history..."

"A Closer Walk is about people everywhere acquiring knowledge about the realities of AIDS in the world, and then passing that knowledge along to others.

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do RIGHT NOW to help bring an end to AIDS is to simply get six people to visit acloserwalk.org, and then make sure they get six other people to visit the site as well.

This is how we are going to build a global army to rise up and say we will be silent no longer. We are going to walk the walk. Think of Six Degrees as a chain letter of compassion and concern, the one chain letter that must not be broken!

If millions of people visit acloserwalk.org, read the director's journals, visit 'What Can I Do', and support the film, then we will have an army. We will have a revolution. And we will begin to put an end to AIDS."
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