andru235 have you forgotten dear estragon?

wonders the wanderer
freudian half-slip If you want --
I'll be irreproachably gentle,
Not a man,
But a cloud in trousers.


my favorite Vladimir.
andru235 ok, i know i'm the one that left
but i am sorry
i will follow you around some more

fire, water, earth and carrots
away from him i cannot bear it!

andru235 a cloud in trousers!
a way with words.
internet browsers
stampede text herds.

are you the vladimir i seek?
tarragon can't find its root
i must warn that i'm sometimes meek.
vladimir has strength to boot
smurfus rex I know of a Vladimir who wants to take back Finland and Alaska by force and surround Japan with nuclear submarines.

I know of a Vladimir who would intentionally bury nuclear waste along the border of Lithuania just so they would die off from disease.

I know of a Vladimir who claims that Russia has developed an ecological weapon called the Elipton which kills people by eradicating their brains and leaving no contamination.

I know of a Vladimir who gained 24 percent of the popular vote in Russia's 1993 election. That's 8 times as much as Ralph Nader or Ross Perot has ever gotten.

That Vladimir is Zhirinovsky.
andru235 vladimir, an oft heard name
my friend, i do not seek the same
the one who pollutes with his nukes
disgusts me with his swift rebukes

for i, the human actinide
summoned when a desert fried,
cannot be with he whose tool
is fear and hatred, used to rule

(a note, in case you did not know
the river mississip that flows
has casks of depleted U
stored along its banks: boo hoo)
minnesota_chris are you a mighty minnesotan too then? Is that andru235 a umn account? 041229
andru235 yes, i'm in that central state
of the north american plate
such then is our legislative care
that they'd place the nuke casks there

i had seen your posts and thought
have i seen this 'chris' a lot?
maybe he's the one i see
when i ride the LRT
minnesota_chris You can rhyme! That's sublime!

I've yet to ride the LRT
So if you want to look at me
I drive my car to work and school
And always, always, act the fool.
what's it to you?
who go