Grievance Epiphanies take place there.
the lights dazzle my (cry)stalin tears
all the no more fears
and our empty hearts.
stand in the afterglow of our dazed immersion in art

degradation will be the venue of or realization. Hold your shield tightly my dear.
ClairE je serais venue, mais tu est parti.

i can't stand it, honey.
Grievance je serais venue, mais tu est parti


i would have come, but you left.

in french. for those who don't know how to research such things.

en partant, je suis arrivé
Grievance Soldats Noir 011221
Grievance Late again upon that winter's ugly eve.
venue="The scene or setting in which something takes place."

I thought i was adding that to the venue which is blather. But, my heart has only resonated with a few people, a few times. I wonder if any of my personal best spoutings ever reach anyone a bunch. *sigh*
now i'm just being self depracating in attempts to recieve attention. That's not good. nope.

Welcome to the venue of me. I know it's empty, but make chair cushions of the leaves and chair backs of the trees, and i'll stand up here and try to help fulfill you.
the one i had this whack ass dream last nite that i was at this punk concert (venue) and i had to dress up as a sea monster then i got trapped in side these moving walls and i was running around telling everyone that i would save them.
it was weird.
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