Shar Mine's a little pudgy. Perhaps I should stop playing video games and start exercising, but Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 is too addictive!

I am weak and flabby.
bzzmel lick lick 011206
ClairE Where babies grow. In an interview in Seventeen, Leelee Sobielski patted hers and talked about the need to limit the number of ice_cream scoops she ingested.

I'd rather call mine belly or stomach. "Tummy" makes me think of medicine. Or teddy_bears.
ellen cherry charles I would rather say Tummick. 020106
Rhin when i don't feel well, i always rub my tummy in a circular motion. it always soothes me. it feels so empty. i haven't eaten in 2 days. i'm bored with food. :( 021219
Kristopher "My tummy was growly; I wanted a treat"

-- Drusilla, from some episode of 'Buffy'
kristen i 3 my tummy. mine used to have a pretty navel ring. i love tummies with a little pudge on them, too. mmm, yummy! 030118
close your pretty little eyes i love tummies. However, if you are male and have a belly button ring, I find that to be such a turn off.

nom stummy 030922
flora fae husband loves my tummy, tho it isn't perfectly flat

my uterus is in there - future incubator for our children

a little padding isn't terrible
the babies need to be surrounded by softness

so how come every
magazine ad
newspaper ad
internet popup ad
shows flat tummies

tummies unlike mine-
mine has a little scar, from cooking naked and getting too close to the pot

mine has a birth mark- a mole

mine has downy blonde hairs

mine is not flat

but it is soft and it doesn't stick out too far

at least husband doesn't think so
Riku I love tummies.. they are so cute. Hamster tummies are my favorite.. or my sweetheart's tummy... but anyone with a soft tummy will get on my list too ^^ 060817
the end Tammy the Talking Tummy.
*pat pat*
Dillon I love squeezing and poking my soft tummy! It feels so nice and chubby! 060917
Michelle I love it when guys have soft tummies like my boyfriend, chubby guys are so cute and their tummies make excellent pillows for cuddling during movies! 060917
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