silentbob trans·gen·dered ( P ) Pronunciation Key (trns-jndrd, trnz-) also trans·gen·der (-dr)
Appearing as, wishing to be considered as, or having undergone surgery to become a member the opposite sex.
Of or relating to a transgendered person or transgendered people.
brautigan we teach about sex in this society. what's between your legs, what you do with it, how it can be fun, how it can make you sick.

we teach, to a lesser degree, that a person's gender doesn't necessarily define whom that person wants to have sex with. (but we teach that you won't be that way.)

we don't teach about gender.

or that what's between your legs doesn't define your gender. or that what's between your legs can be changed, if it doesn't suit you (but it doesn't have to be).

i've heard enuogh sex educators. i want to be a gender educator.
ashley Why is this such a small page? Maybe people don't know the word 'transgender'. I think transgendered people need their own recognition. We're getting there. Too bad this didn't get as much recognition on here as the words 'penis' or 'pussy' or things like that. Being transgendered myself it's very difficult. (ftm) But there's something a bit more fun about being less rigid about identity and being able to enjoy relationships with open minded people. They're the most fun. There's my blather. ---first post. 050820
anne-girl i was reading an article by this transgendered guy... he was married to another transgendered person - he was saying that he found it odd that gender studies people didn't spend more time talking to transgendered people... i mean, you'd think they'd know tons about it, having been on both sides

so many stereotypes..
ms. song please treat them with respect, for they are going through alot. I really think they should deserve a hug for what they go through. The hatred, the teasing, the personal problems they have to face while in transition... 080610
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