Joana. Somewhere in this wrecked path
I found the depth of the endless routes
And arrived to the wanted fate
Wrapped in bare and cold branches
Silenced by the sigh of the leaves
Tumbled already, like me
Dragging themselves in a slow death
In the voracious breath of the trampled days
Where light would hide in the shadows
And mock with the day it pretended being
I found an escape out of this path
Frozen the piers of my senses
Prolonged the dream, involved in illusion
And embraced by your figures,
Saviours of my existence,
Reminiscences of your world
[Our world]
Walked, scarcely breathing
And faced the Fear.
Light All consuming, sleeplessness, insomnia, solitude, desperation, night terrors, panic, shakes, over analyse, broken, cracked, must escape
Fear of something that seems so irrational, even thinking it through logically is of little consolation.

This may help in the short term:

1. Scrawl everything onto paper.
2. This helps.
3. DO NOT re-read.
4. Burn the fucker.
5. Play RPGs Assume another role/part/life.
6. Seek medical/professional assistance.

It starts as a little inkling, something_is_not_as_it_should_be feeling in the back of your head. It swells up, filling you to breaking point; anxiety oozes from orifices, in sweat, tears, unsettling jeers until eventually you can take no more. There is nothing left to take.
It enters consciousness without asking and will leave only when it has taken your last desperate outburst. It cannot feed on emptiness. Fight or flight? Exhaustion knows little of either of these things.
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