mitra i don't need it
i need to think and see it myself
no such word
you look as you look
you talk as talk
i see and hear you as i do
no superstition
Effingham Fish Rituals of little to no meaning, repeated on a mental level just a hair above instinct. Can't stop, not worth the trouble of trying. Call them "character quirks", that way you won't feel like quite such a fool. 020226
blasco say what you say, but don't handle the salt right, and you are as good as dead 020226
princess shoes must be right side up while they are in doors.
light a cigarette with a candle and a sailor dies at sea.
Torch never own/use a red lighter or you will get caught doing something
its a stoner thing
delial in voices loud and clear, you say to me:
"it's only superstition
it's only your imagination
it's only all of the things that you fear
and those things from which you can't escape"
jane i love that song
Piso Mojado old cultures blamed bad events on curses and bad luck- cured by countercurses, sacrifices, prayers.

now we blame bad events on poor hormone fluxuation and regulation- cured by SSRI's, MAOI's, and other such products we are pushed to consume.

which is superstition?
z somebody else's religion 040507
devilbunny I used to wear the same bracelet everyday because I thought it brought me good luck. 061110
Wasandru I was going to blathe something about how no one considers their own predilictions (etc.) superstitious. However, Z beat me to the punch. By now you all realize how fortunate this is, since Z is never verbose, whereas I epitomize verbosity. (Please comfort me by disagreeing with the latter statement.) 061110
i.e. You? Verbose? Don't be absurd. 061110
Ooops , that should have been an "e.g." 061110
() () 061111
? ... 061112
sameolme superstitchin 061112
what's it to you?
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