deb this face wilts in a dejected whimper
as i take a sip of a drink you suggested~
my arms shiver slightly
giving way to goosebumps
and without thinking,
i scoot back, expecting
the warmth of you to be there;
i expected to hear a sympathetic, "awww,"
and have those arms
wrap around me,
trying to keep me warm-
why is it that now, when i need you
every time i take a shaky breath
you're suddenly so far away?
i need to know if i wake up suddenly,
i can just scoot closer
and be safe-
the suspense is killing me!

i dreamt we were married
last night-
i hoped, somehow, when i woke,
we still would be-

until then, i'll settle for
chocolate ice cream and bubble baths
out of necessity
and hope that those
two years of eternity
(now chopped to a mere 10 months)
pass more quickly than this
unusually regular heartbeat
silentbob My parents house 001023
startfires the spiderweb in the glass in my windsheild
my big brown dog

my personality
ass facely vast empty spaces bigger than the sky. 001024
Somebody that I used to know You asked if this was why I stay with you. You said it in a mean way. I changed the subject. What is so wrong about being my security blanket? Why can't you be that for me? Can I be that for you? 081005
Lucy i don't NEED you. 081006
hsg stiutk: because for the good of those who you love, and that includes yourself, you simply must be your own security blanket and then you are available (through the strength of self_knowledge) to be there for others. 081007
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