sphinxradio i think i've spent far too much time waiting on you 011123
Casey If you don't want to, that's fine, I just like to know how you are doing and if i can help in anyway. Ah, fuck it, you don't need my help, you're a big girl and you can take care of yourself. 011123
Zachary Respond to him,
His toothless grin,
He stares so stupid,
How could you do it?

You feel no guilt,
You have no shame,
You sealed his fate,
Erased his name.
Nikita No, he's the one doing it and now he is being extremely mean to me. He won't answer my e-mail, he won't call, and he's acting like I'm no big deal to him.

He continually makes these bizarre requirements of me and sometime I do them but he just wants to laugh at me- I should forget him, he is so evil.

He knows I need him, he's awful. Why did I bother?
no reason it occurs to me that you might not 080106
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