Quintessensual There's among the participants here some preoccupation with material possession, but more it seems with groping for connection, some among words but more it seems with other people. There are all these expressions of loneliness, often sad or forlorn. There are all these expressions of desire to connect, sometimes deeply beyond desire for merely a, or even any, physical connection and sometimes crude desire for only that. Oh, one could equate crude desire for only physical connection with another to be a type of preoccupation with material possessions. Hopefully though disappointment in such desire would always occur if the object of the desire understood that s/he was viewed by the desirer as a desired material possession. 991125
cam touch can be material, we all have needs of preoccupation 000824
sabbie and i talk to you
over the phone
face to face
and i pour out my soul
tell you important things
tell you stuff from my head
tell you things i want to tell you
little things
and occasionally you will make a noise
or agree in an offhanded way
and my sentance will trail off
fraying apart like an old rag
as i notice
that your not really listening
at all
and silently i wonder
what it is that youre thinking about
this time.
tourist Pre Occupation,
What one does Before working.
As in, Childhood.
Haley Men have a preoccupation with sex. 021213
krimilda women do to 021213
mozie reflections of a thoght never spoken, a touch never given and the burn of desire. 031119
Pedrolius You dont know when its going to happen
You know youve done it when you have done it
You dont reallise your doing it when your in the middle of it
You enjoy doing it, but you dont enjoy others doing it unless you are part of it
it takes time and usualy achieves nothing, but in someways it is necissary
now, what was i doing...
jane you could say i have a preoccupation for preoccupation. or disdain. 080604
. What's_the_'Point'?

It's more than 1000_'full_sized_commemorative_coffins',with Zero_Margin_of_Error...
. 101012
what's it to you?
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