stork daddy no matter what your mood, you can look out into the world and find something that exacerbates it, that confirms it. you of course are looking for that confirmation all the time. if you are dejected you see the look of a little child as a sad one. if you feel horrible and wish you could be disposed you see trash sitting in little cans all the same. and so on with love and birds chirping. i'm sure if you felt deeply saddened, you'd find something sad even if outside were carebears and unicorns. although i think this is rare. after all, our dejectedness must come from must've come from the world. the world must have on average equal parts that we get exposed to in varying portions. and how do we know what an appropriate reaction to it all is? how do we know when we've taken it in its average way. or if indeed we are too dejected to be normal, or too blissful to be normal? is it the broken winged bird that made us dejected or is it our dejection that makes us see that broken winged bird as this crushing thing? 050521
azzholes.anonymous inner infinities whirling dervish plays storm plays two places at the exact same time. it all has NOTHING to do with religion, it's about ethical distribution of opportunity, resources and decency. jesus didn't give a damn about anybody's religious orientation, he focused on their behavior. he was a jewish marketing genius. believe it. be nice. 070203
jane that was my point, sd, that you find what you're looking for. but i think that the emotions/feelings/whatever come from inside, not an external force, "the world." i think that we can be empowered & change our daily mood, for the most part. but someone who is angry at the world will only see bad aspects of it. 070203
Jurisprudence Two steps forward and one step back
Here we are and the filmy spector seems to be slowing
Fading out
Backing away from me, finally
I can breathe now
I can sleep now
I can wake enfolded in arms and know exactly where I am
what's it to you?
who go