silentbob fixation mouth piece insert exhale oriface orafice hole dentist teeth tongue lips spit saliva snot taste kiss snog makeout suck lick sex 020512
AdamsLover So I gave it last night. It wasn't all that bad but it took forever...he's definately not a premature ejaculater. I didn't mind...He deserves it. But then I got some in return...ah yes. It was rather good stuff. I've never orgasmed that hard. Ahh...orgasm. good stuff right there. Yep, my horniness is overflowing. what can I say? I like sex...although I'm still technically a virgin...I don't know. I'm just horny. 020807
good people tonight
if all goes well, i will be sleeping in her bed with her along side me.
gumby just a little bit.... 020907
MDogMA pierced tongue and tossed salad for breakfast. Itsssssssss Grrrrrrrreat 030130
margadant11 I would rather go down on a female then her go down on me. I have never had a girl go down on me that was good at it. But I know that I can please the female, why? Because I listen to her, she tells we what is feeling good and what isn't. And as the relationship contionues I being to understand how to please her without her having to tell me. You some times have to change it up to please a female that is my big peice of advice. 030130
concerned sucker margadant, for your girl(s) might i suggest the simple how-to instructions found on dick_sucking_101 ? :) 030130
licker license sounds like he won't need the tips from pussy_eating_101 though 030130
niska all oral is all nice, all over the body... 030301
I like it better.

I used to hate it.

CJ said i tasted like piss.

Maybe cuz i pissed genius.
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