jennifer jennifer
have been on blather one month today
amy on every single day, probably, i bet. 000105
valis and what's wrong w/ that? 000325
MollyGoLightly April is NOT the cruelest month, mister Eliot...that's when I made my appearence. 000523
grendel "a month of sundays"

now there's a creepy thought...unless you're talking about that group with the magically delicious lead singer who sings with a little-girl voice

otherwise, a month of nothing but sports and religion on TV and a dearth of good liquor would be a nightmare
MollyGoLightly I like "Wild Horses"

yes i do.
startfires i saw him one month ago to day
it was the wrong time of the month
i'm going to see him friday
i think it will be that time again
florescent light no word rhymes with month 010708
nocturnal I never noticed that. now I'm gonna drive myself crazy trying to prove you wrong. 010708
johnny west "Cunt", if said by someone with a lisp. 010708
nocturnal well lotsa things work with a lisp. stunt, bunt, front. the list goes on and on. I'm gonna find one, even if I have to make it up! 010708
Lime Rider first day of april.
april fools
was the day I made my first on-site blathe.
Mr. BEan FUCK!@@@@@!!! bleakdfjel;; blah blah balh 030730
Risen This is my last month in this house, which holds so many memories. So many secrets. So many ghosts.

I feel after my epiphany (which, I know, I should have blathed about, but which is a long post I need to be in the right frame of mind for) that this is an excellent time to move on.

When I have a good day - and yes, they're rare, and mostly I don't leave my bedroom, but when I have a good day I plan out my new bedroom and my own seperate living room with lovely wheelchair access and a wetroom, and I make plans for the future.

I am looking forward to my fresh start.

Weirdly enough, I'm moving into what was once a convent. That would have been a joke once. Now it seems fitting.
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