silentbob i thought i was in love but it was just a swoony smitten feeling that wouldnt go away no matter how hard i tried. 001115
daxle she don't eat bacon 001115
stupidpunkgirl the most special person
who i trust
listens to all of my stupid problems
and doesn't judge
she can tell what i'm thinking
and say it before i can
silentbob hey you
have i met you before?
stupidpunkgirl yup 001219
silentbob I emailed you, whats your name? 001219
silentbob the only thing i want to do right now is stay up really late and have a blather race with you all night long. but im going to goldfield with mr. cody villareal, and alas, he'll be here shortly.
Give my best to the yessi girl and emily.
COLDandBLUEkitty and NOT ME??
say hi to cody man.. tell him that i miss him..

haha.. my name is at the TOP!
. COLDandBLUEkitty. 001223
silentbob do you remember me showing you this?

Facial Constitution
I loved your face from the first glance i took
those lips, those eyes, that all-knowing smile
revealing just the right amount of teeth
that made me want to bite them
and when i go too long without a fix
a fix of yer face
i try to match it in my mind
but i can't quite reconstruct that creation
the development of you rhead
with tossled blue hair
and cut to shit bangs
coupled with ears that have been stabbed
stabbed like a pincushion
the geography of your face
like the construction of some kind of statue
and what makes it all so perfect
is that you are so imperfect
its REAL
not some anorexic cover model
like some kind of skeleton
perfection lies in imperfection
and you're a masterpiece
Alexandher Bheetle I'm sorry, but that's a pompous way to spell that name. That H is completely extraneous. 011028
Usher 24 doesn't have the same effect with my name, does it... 030408
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