Splinken the mean manager is always quite nice to me. i fucked up quite a bit last night and didn't even get a cross word. 000624
lokkust ...the guy who can manage it all, somehow.

He combed his hair and painted his face with light powdery foundation to give his opponent something to look at. Hitting his fists together he got up and kicked at his reflection in the mirror, and then a quick left jab at his chin. Doing lateral steps on a 4/4 ryhthm he mouthed the words to Whip It by Devo.

Malcolm was ill.
startfires its not a business its a dictatorship. i'm not even allowed to smoke on my cigarette break. 001114
joe234 jesus saves 031103
flowerock when your co worker says they are going to seattle and your manager says "what do you think you'll get into there?" and the coworker smiles and looks down laughing... and you say something about crawling under muddy bushes after the rain to find tickets to dream land... then your manager says in a serious tone," I have eaten those particular dream tickets before, yes" nodding slowly... that's how you know you have a good manager. It's good to already know you have a good manager before making dream_ticket references though too. 140908
flowerock nice_manager
the mean_manager is passed out hungover in the office sometimes but still writes you up for being late.
fishawk Tries to cause conflict and make employees feel inferior rather than guide, teach, or lead as I feel a manager should.
I am not sure how to work beside such a person for 3 1/2 more hours today.
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