squint vs win_win

I'm sayin you'll get a cheap thrill and I'll get my blood pumping faster, until eventually my heart bursts...and its not going to become
any sort of victory.

unless you quit making me
so cautious

and just
lycanthrope there are times when victory and loss lose their distinction, become meaningless, compromise at various levels of permanence. there are no victors, no losers, only the shadows losing their shapes.

and i tell you now honestly it was all a poetic exercise. but you tell me which side you were on.
endless desire the car drives through the smoking street and the little boy asks for a ride. he blended spendidly with the pink sheets, for he had been running a long time. and now when exhaustion overwhelms, he closes his eyes and imagines turning grief to hope in this race for time and life. and love screams the radio resting in the back of his mind, and love. when did you forget love, my boy? and its importance. you became stuck on this highway with a goal. a mad race of win win, sipping from a glass of slow soul death while laughing at vanished happiness. stolen by the thief in the night, dressed in black and white. the old mentor, blaring from radio, realizes his helpless cause truly is helpless. lose love. lose hope. lose happiness. oh, my boy, how you do lose in this game. 030622
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