typhoid clever smile in the warm wind.
falling closely in time.
puppet bloviate bereavement allure
clever smilles.
camille what is in my mouth this very instant
savouring, swallowing, licking.
camille flavour? words... 000206
you lollipop sucker, I'm a lollipop sucker 010526
You my boy lollipop. 010527
Ahmad lollypops r frikin dangerous,

ever thought of a kid who cant walk properly yet suking on a lollypop with no hands? they could fall n that little loly pop will perferate the throut and ventilate the back of the little kids head!

(sayz my old freich teacher, Mrs Maccin, - BTW, i still have that octogan 2 freinch tape of urz!!)

o, (and thanx for that cactus plant thingy that u gave me in yr 2, its in my room still, and its still alive, probably just cos its a desert plant)
celestias shadow We were sitting in English, bored as usual. There are about six of us in this corner, and we're ALWAYS bored, because we're too smart for the class. Anywho, it's Valentine's Day, so we all had candy. We decided to have a contest to see who could eat their lollipop in the most blatantly sexual way.

Frighteningly enough, my friend Jeff won. This is mostly scary because.....well, you have to know Jeff, really. But, he was doing all these incredibly sketchy things to this poor lollipop. And the worst part was that he was smirking. He had this awful smile on his face the entire time. We were like "Oh god, you're enjoying this!"

I think I need more friends like him.
Jess You are as sweet as candy 040513
standbythelakeshore Lollipops- so innocent and so sweet- a reminder of our somewhat similar childhood, before we met reality. 040602
Peter-Pan ahhh lollipops

my addiction
my downfall

sugar rots your teeth but they're so yummy you can't help but choose them over your teeth.
fghio fghio 101114
what's it to you?
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