jennifer slow moving embers of
hatred and regret
caress my body
with empathetic fingers
fairydust i learned that word back in 6th grade. i was excited because i finally had a way to describe my self when people asked. now i know it is only becuase sleeping is an easy way to avoid the world. 000502
grasshopper ditto fairydust 000502
no reason lately...i don't feel like doing ANYthing...
no moving, no concentrating on anything...
strangely, i tend to look forward to my time to do absolutely


in the truest sense of the word.

and yet i don't exactly like it
endless desire i hate doing nothing
feeling lethargic
and lazy.
those summer days when you never get out of your pajamas.
they just make me feel like i need a shower
even if i just took one.
and i feel rather pointless
its also an online illness, i would say.
/anon in my case, a symptom of depression

i hate it, i know i'm wasting my life but i dont care nemore.
Whitechocolatewalrus This word is my favorite word ever, not only does it sound cool, but it describes me and just about everyone I know. Even if people are not always lethargic, there is always sometime when they have been or will be. Lethargy is a part of life. 031107
bracecell i'm useles and it's fun but with a lack of enthusiam I try like hell to keep pointless but then I feel tired because pontlessness has become pointless in the sense that it was showing my lethargy and keeping it hidden 031126
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