Brown talking about talking until you stumble upon repeated words. empty at inopportune times and gone before the party is over. 011216
not god cringing with a truncheon pie mask replica meatball hourglass, the ghosts always scream black eyes. 011216
Grievance close the eyes of reaching
time's fervor comes weeping
away to dusk, welcoming the detrimental-
tie it up with thoughts on my mantel
strings binding me i'll faulter
hold me alive, breathing on your alte(a)r
lost patience in the emotional dream flood
unwake the final preparation
diving through tempation
turn around and see the smells of your ambiance
holding soul with trance
melee away to our creation
chaos will divide you too-
mountain rival, crags in your arms
sweep my memories up with your hands, in archs delving
day of that, the SuN shone through the self rusting rain
miracles mask their making
in your emotions waking
hold still
the chill
i can't call inside
bask in it's hide
alive from time's sweeping arrow's
circles are the mean of your morrows
we come home with travels
to add to rivals
falling in serendipity
and send new cogs on with epiphany
pat sajak ! 011216
paste! sabba a mousy little nerf slice, just came by to sue my couch. says "it's comatosser. let me showcase." when after all the hubbaloo, fantastic spackles like subpar airborne mass-lockpickers, but nothing like subpar airborne mass-lockpickers, many differences, many differences, came through the faucet we call sky and tiptoed but with large pounding beats. not a horse, not a goddamn horse. the show was soon enough over before it ever really began. 011216
Brown well what about keystone ICE?

tumbling from a slippery unpredictable into something more vulger is a little mediceny. organic farming is not what the commecials paint it out to be. children are killed and live stock are liquified into information that toothless people can swallow.
what's it to you?
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