For sure! That's where the mail comes in. You wouldn't live without your mail, would you? You would, trust me. 000713
me one of my inboxes isn't working, but i can live w/ that b/c i have others 030711
LS Mine is a temporal portal to the dimension of Heck.

I decided to clean it out...

lets see whats in it.

2 photo copies of a plat map:useless.

Real Estate Exam Prep Book: Not Useless

Transcript to Take the National Salesperson Exam:Vital

Photo Copy of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" Project board: Uplifting.

Mutilated real estate terminology sheet:useless

Pay Stub: Useless

Empty CD Case: Could be usefull

Late Fee Notification from Blockbuster: need to pay that...

June 27 New Listings Sheet, Total inventory $109,939,700: For my records

Commercial Property Form Field Definitions Leaflet:for my records

July 1 edition of Campus News Paper stating binge drinking a intregal part of Campus life: Depressing and Useless

Yellow legal pad, never used: Very useful, and wondering where it had gone.

Memo for a Market Evaluation on Housing Buisness Growth: Useless now.

Practice Exam from a book I own: Useless.

Life Insurance bill, $281.25: Useful in that I must pay it to feel safe about getting hit by a bus.

Photo Copy of exam book Glossary: useless as I own the book now.

Two mini-legal pad papers with numbers I don't understand: Could be useless.

Home Design Premiere Computer program: Fun and useful.

List of Cchristian preschool Flash cards depicting bambified codes of conduct designed to instill self worth AND obediance: Creepy and useless.

Photo copys of adds for a native american gathering (I'm part cherokee) and a circus coming(already came) to town:Momentos and useless

Microsoft Word office training packet:useful

Real Estate math Problems leaflet: Useful

Well, thats it. Not very interesting, but maybe some some glimpse of my life can be seen in all of that.
nix0r there is too much here
not addressed to me
ever dumbening i keep clicking on it like a fucking rat, waiting for her words to arrive. they won't. and it's not my fault. and it's not her fault. and it doesn't matter whose fault it is. it just fucking sucks. 131130
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