Dafremen R. Dafremen

I took a ride inside to hide
perhaps unwind inside My mind
instead I find a precipice
and jumping see in front of Me
the darkest deepest widest hole
I plunge on through and soon the view expands
to open sky, antifreeze green
all around and in between
as I take in the scene
or the scene takes in Me
who KNOWS which it should be
I don't ask, so in awe
of the city I saw
from my vantage point high
in that hole in the sky
I fly out as if being reborn

beautiful, beauteous wonderful place
seems almost like coming home
where myriad nightmares feed alone
on aspirations thoughts and dreams
where hopelessness bursts at the seams
now tears stream down My soul

I flail my arms to stop my fall
but pick up speed instead
My limbs float lifeless, dead
as I freefall inside My head
Spires of fears now jutting out
so sharp and clear
while drawing near
I fear, I fear this place
TAKE Me from this place!
SAVE Me from this place!
but NO, the journey must go on

Still on that ride inside My mind
I take a breath
My screams subside
but echo off the loneliness
that forms the valley down below
a place I've grown to know and love
that shelters Me
that harbors Me
from fear of plunging on

How many times did I play in that place?
in its empty embrace?
at a Self defined pace
seems that loneliness was My best friend
guess We all die alone at the end
they'll be lonely, I'm with an old friend
guess the last laugh is Mine in the end

I clear My head of
bitter thoughts and stare in dread
at fast approaching ground instead
all the other things shown to Me
all so well known to Me
Nightmares and Loneliness
Hopelessness, Dread
all so familiar
all here in My head
but this ground seems a stranger
as if unknown danger
lies waiting for Me at the end

Unfamiliar but, wait
"No not THAT!" it's too late
for the end of the journey has come
though the fall through My mind wasn't long
I slam into reality

what's it to you?
who go