flo This is the last blather that i'll ever post, my anonymity has been compromised and somebody who is very important to me and special to me has found a way of looking inside.

I have loved it here, it is a great way of unburdening the shit which threatens to envelop us all, and also of meeting other minds and playing with them in a place where there are no resposibilities.

I love some of you, hate some of you and am bored beyond distraction by still more, but i'll miss all of you (except the boring ones perhaps).

i'd love to stay but my real life has to be more important and i need to protect that, after all none of you are real (except dannyh, and i'm sure that i'll be sitting somewhere inappropriate in a drug fueled stupor with him soon enough).

Goodbye_from_flo , i'm off to try and patch things up with girl i love and try to explain what we all know so well. That although all of this is true, that does not necessarily make it real.
Arwyn oh flo, i'm going to miss you so much... but goodluck! I wish you the best. *hugs* 020110
god come back when the tide rolls out. 020110
me so long and thanks for all the fish. 020111
cube I take exception to being called 'unreal'. Wait! My reflection! It's just a bunch of indigo words...

Good luck Flo :-)
DannyH I can't help feeling partly responsible. I kind of blew his cover. He'll be OK. His flagrant indiscretion is one of the many things people love him so much for. 020111
toga i always thought he was a she. 020112
? WHO? 020119
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