Joana. Head tombs down on liquid mitts
As I glance down
Of all the dresses
Of the leafiest trees
Dancing on my legs
Happy creatures of the day
I look up and he blinds my eyes
Caressing me
He inebriates my senses
Waves of ethereal sounds
Clash into my ears
Blush my face with hot blood
My hair hovers like silent crows
Heeding the pleas of mad witches
Holding me so tightly
I strive to catch my breath
And sigh succumbing
Resting safely
In the true emotion of his gesture
And drown in the seas
That had been pulling me under
Insisting my body into their depths
His light emits the deafening ray
In which I cannot move or speak
And there I will remain
Comforted by purple illusions.
misstree shattered pieces

are never enough.

they leave me hungry.
manic bird detritus


and me
TalviFatin ...of rememberance...your face and skin and eyes...that hat you always wore...and that blue hoodie. I seen you with your shirt off at the skatepark...I love my fragments of you. 010802
Effingham Fish Smile shrapnel as your face explodes. 020121
cpgurrl fragments of my life
scattered everywhere,
the trail of breadcrumbs leading to my soul.

oh, i can never have my whole self,
because some of me belongs to
Syrope how am i supposed to protect myself in my sleep? 050921
Lithium You are the feeling I get
When a man overcomes his virtue
And the beginning and the end reunite
Completing the circle
That is this feeling
me Are all I have left... 060807
unhinged on days like today, i can't help wondering if there are pieces that remind you of me. on days like today, when breathing reminds me of you, i can't help wondering if you ever think of me too. 081201
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