deb love is for
wise enough
to take
a chance
deb i'd rather be
a fool
than be alone
deb (especially
since this fool
is RIGHT!)
tiny snapdragon fools are too wise to know when something is impossible 010710
ares "fools step in where angels fear to tred"

or maybe the fools know something the angels don't
Aaron see my post under the word wise 011110
papabear Fools are all around us, but most of us cannot see them because they all keep their eyes closed. 011114
andru235 can one ever be a fool?
its hard to stay one, as a rule
surely tho', the moment comes
when each is found reduced to one

the foolish wiseman said to me
"follow your own and you will be free"
instead i rebelled and did as i liked
if he charges fees they surely are hiked

can one then, stay wise?
or is that but a guise?
surely tho', there comes a day:
one's greater self does show the way
myriadmoods Fools we are; fools we stil are, love eradicated this; love is for fools, fools love to be loved by fools.Foolishness is my want and you are my need.Why did you shoot coke in your arm? why must you die from that one time foolishness? Oh it was a great feeling I am sure; I am glad I did not follow........I did "Follow", thank you Frankie for stopping me; you saved me then and you saved me when I overdosed..why? Because you were born for at LEAST that! I love you forever and ever, my children are most grateful, and if I got the BIG A, it was not your fault, I slept with men whom were pretty; those who are the givers of DEATH, you may pack the death; but you saved me from it so any times that when you die, I shall die within; but live on, and when I die you are what I seek after Jesus. 050409
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