girl_jane I can't believe this word wasn't here before. Goodness, well, now it is. 020212
Azz Well done...
moody, stresshead... I mean the word not you...
Syrope i found myself toying with the idea of a threesome. that's how horny i was. or hell, i was just going to start going down on SOMEBODY, even if it did introduce an odd silence (or almost silence) into the conversation. there was enough sexually charged bantering, but just the tiny bit of restraint that always showed at the last second.

part of me was so floored at the fact that i *couldn't* find a guy to let me go down on him. not that 5 or 8 weren't just...right there. i don't know why that was difficult. the other part of me was shocked at my brazen comments and suggestive behavior. i get back to the room & check the buddy luck there either. but the combined effect of the kisses & nibbles & touches all afternoon at whatever point i was alone with someone was just too much - i even considered calling & waking up someone.

so that + being deserted 2 hrs before work with no entertainment (which meant i had to nap, which meant i woke up and had no clue where i was, damned sleep deprivation) have created this dilemma: i want to be cranky and antisocial, but there's still this ache and i still want you so much and its a holiday weekend.

so today is touchy indeed. approach with caution. i don't know whether i'm going to snap at you and run away crying or drag you by the collar to a dark corner and press against you with every bit of this urgency.

me: *gasp & melt* that's dangerous, i mean a dangerous place to kiss me
him: we're dangerous people

good fucking lord.
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