poetic_onslaught this thread is for you to put those dreams that keep coming back on and to analyze them. im sure we all have a dream or 2 that never go away. i always have a dream that im getting shot or im shooting someone else. or sometimes stabbed or stabbing. they are always different. sometimes its like a gang war, other times someone is trying to rob me, they are always violent though. they are not always very realistic, but other times they are too realistic. what could this mean? 020427
poetic_onslaught when i was in elementary and middle school i would always dream that i was drowning. i would be swimming and something heavy like an elephant or plane would weigh me down. right when i felt that i couldnt hold my breath any longer i would wake up gasping for air. i couldnt stand those fucking dreams. that dream seems pretty self-explanatory. 020427
poetic_onslaught ever since i moved out of my hometown about a month ago, i havent had any dreams of getting shot anymore. i figured it was becasue i got away from all the bullshit. but i had another one last night. i was with a whole lot homeboys at a quinceniera. i was sitting at a table with them just talking and i felt a hard object pressed into my spine right below my neck. right away i smelled the metal and burnt gun powder. as soon as i heard the click from the sqeezed trigger it was as if the heavy smell of metal went straight to my brain, from the horror i felt. the burnt heavy metal vibrated in my head and i felt like it was going to drop me to the ground. the gun just clicked. 4 times. it wasnt loaded. in the middle of the 5th click i was finally able to move out of the way. its amazing how real dreams can be 020618
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