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Citation- A Study of the Shurangama Sutra By Bartholomew M. Klick ( Volume II):-

'The Buddha told them that they listened to the Dharma with conditioned minds, so the Dharma was also conditioned, and accordingly they could not understand the true dharma. He said: "This is similar to a person pointing his finger at the moon to show it to someone else. Guided by the finger, the other person should see the moon. If he looks at the finger instead and mistakes it for the moon, he loses not only the moon but the finger also. Why? Because he mistakes the pointing finger for the bright moon."

A person who does this not only loses the vision of the moon, but he also loses the finger as well. The finger was supposed to be a guide to help point out the moon, but because you have mistaken the finger for the moon itself, the purpose of the finger is lost. You also lose the light, for when you mistake the finger for the moon you see light, but do not understand where it comes from.
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If on the element of consciousness you meditate,
It changes and is not permanent.
The mind fixed on it being false

that element then help you to achieve perfection?
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Lia the moon is glowing steadily

fingers have become as
noisy and frantic
as drive-time traffic

perhaps the world
needs less fingers,
more moons

oh, all the little fingers
how they want to be seen

active (though by all
surface judgements
non-active) focus of faith
is a quiet art
unto itself, glowing
daf Sometimes, if you squint real hard and and look at it just right, your thumbnail looks an awful lot like the moon. 120428
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