auto cross reference system See Palindromes. 011209
phil the kid thought he was the monkey tits on a sex hoagie bun with mayonaise dripping out it's ass.
But he was a piece of poo, for two seconds I could have beaten him and thought about it later.
megan my friend came to me one time and told me that her boyfriend had touched her boob. she thought i would be mad. i busted out laughing, and asked her what boobs? 021205
Rhin i hate this word. 021205
pontifier why is it that when you say boob, you barely get my attention, but when you say tit, it's like an electricity flows through me (low voltage, but that's beside the point).

Boob just doesn't do it for me. .

You're getting dizzy.
minnesota_chris quoting monty python of course tit. . . a tinny sort of word. Tin tin tinny. . . now boob, there's a good woody sort of word. . . like gorn. Gorn, gorn 021231
PhotoChicken Why does it hurt?
Could it be a new growth spurt?
But only in one...
that can't be fun.
To walk around lopsided to the right
People may laugh when u come into sight
Or maybe it comes from your menopause
that could be a very likely cause.
Is that also why u can't blow out a candle?
Is this little task way too much for u to handle?
The hot flashes
the black lipstick, nail polish, and eyelashes.
But maybe it is a protest
I don't want ot be like that other breast!
But despite all your "problems", needless to say
we all still love ya anyway!
Butler Echo boooooooooooob (old man from Mr. Deeds) 031118
Doar dual boobs

two old men.

hi hi 031120
oo repeat after me!," boob bood boop booq doob dood doop dooq poob pood poop pooq qoob qood qoop qooq " 031120
weird BOOBS are weird 031121
Steph My friend has boobs 031122
nomatter "I have hickies all over my boobs."
"Did you just call them 'boobs'?"
"Well yes, dipshit, would you rather have me call them breasts?"
"It just sounds funny, but I like them either way."
boober hey 031229
theend the movie eurotrip has many boobs 040228
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