florescent light Since I missed the bus from campus, twice this evening, I decided to walk.

Someone was walking behind me. I slowed down, to see if they were going my way.
She said she was.
The roads were icey. It was fun trying not to slip. Slipping and trying not to fall. Falling, and trying not to fall into the street and be run over.
She was walking behind me, and I slowed down so she can catch up, but she continued to stay about a foot behind. So I slowed down some more and she wouldn't walk next to me.
I finally decided that she must not be a very friendly person, and I stopped worrying about it.

I decided to pretend that I was a very important person, and she was walking behind me, acting as my bodyguard.
mikey thats a lovely story 010312
florescent light I'm glad you think so.

I think it expresses what is a little unique about me.
unhinged damnit
the glass of vodka on the corner of the stage
the way you nodded your head
quick short trite
and they both looked over at me from
time to time
i wanted to talk to you afterwards but you seemed rather shaky and unstable and
i tried to make a smooth move for my coke...
"i don't want to hear from you 'who's this and who's that'"
uh oh
and i wanted to walk up to you and wrap my arm around you and look the bitch right in the eye and say:
"come on baby. let's go home."
i watched you try to get away from her
the way she tugged on your elbow
the pain on your face
we all want to kill her
i guess that's why you go after the young ones now
thinking maybe they won't be quite so good at the game
what's it to you?
who go