auto cross reference system Something in which one should stay in synch with.

See pathetic.
freakizh mmm?

blather is a she?
unhinged maybe it would more appropriately be blather_hormonal_cycle. i think even guys have a hormonal cycle. i'm pretty much convinced of it in fact. 021030
Mateo I am sick and tiered of you guys being poliuticaly corect. Is blather a she? shouldnt we say hormonal sycle? fuck you people. And fuck you people (I said that already didnt I?) 021030
bethany shit, i'm on the rag 021030
freakizh hehehe

mateo is in that time of the month.
unhinged i would fucking say so. eat my fucking asshole you stupid piece of shit.

(how's that for politically correct?)
freakizh wee hee.
blood spilled everywhere.
Jeca ah yes, mother blater. 021102
typo er, blather. 021102
Jeca curse curse cuss cuss cuss... 021102
mateo Unhinged, I hed sex with your mother. 030321
unhingeds mother hmm, i didn't notice 030322
celestias shadow that's what blather_red is for, sillies! 040101
estarocks that shouldn't be funny, but it is. 040828
Syrope i'm going to enjoy this final period. i have a feeling it's going to do something to me that i can't control. i remember wanting it so badly when i was 12 & 13, and then when it came i brushed it off. i wonder if i'm taking this birth control thing too lightly. is it all guys or just you who have no idea how serious this is for me? 040829
aM i DiStUrBeD? Awww, no. I think it is just guys in gereral. Or just mateo? Either way, one of the two is in that time of the month.

Having said that...

Mateo did say that Mateo had sex with Unhinged's mother

Um, we best not open that book.....
superleni does blather get horny
when she's ovulating?
does she get cramps
when she bleeds?

is her blood

the tears of poets?
the random thoughts of fast fingers?
the vomitstrings of spammers?

her uterine_universe a mighty network
her egg the glinting gem

what would she conceive of?
but who could be her equal?

hair twisting wild
in the cyber wind
wrapping in


dipperwell HOW DID YOU KNOW???!!!

I think it's weird how distinctly female Blather seems to be. Discuss?
what's it to you?
who go