sab it suddenly occured to me that there will be 'skites posting here
who not only never met the 70s but never saw the 80s either

its not that i suddenly feel old
i jsut feel like
ive been around
for an eternity now

i remember scratching marks
into cave walls
in firelight

the marks moved
as the fire flickered
and it was kinda like
the running word
mon uow i was thinking this yesterday sab as i was waiting for my toast to pop for the tartex to be spread.

well, not all of it, and probably not exactly as you were thinking it because we don't share the same brain...etc.,...
but, yeah.
mon uow 90s_music 050323
birdmad oi, quite right.

i've been displacing various volumes of this world's atmosphere with my presence for 33 years

it was never the mortality that bothered me, just the cumulative weight of time, like tree rings or sandstone strata
sab not that im claiming old Skite status
or indeed Old skite status

jsut thinking that people who were born in the 90s
are now thinking people in their teens.

welcome to the world
welcome to the work

i think i want to go home
mon uow i wonder about the little kids i babysat who aren't little kids anymore. i wonder how they are. especially max. he was an adorable rascal.
and summer. she was like my little sister.
mon uow it's strange to me, i don't know why, to think that all those little early 90's babies are now, well, not little babies anymore. 050323
birdmad know what you mean... i've a neice who just turned 15 recently...

funny to think that back when she was born, this particular bird wasn't just "mad", but also "bad and dangerous to know" as the olde wanted posters used to say

it's a weird feeling sometimes
what's it to you?
who go