unhinged new moon coming
new moon coming
let awareness grow


(i had all these words and then my 4g lte network thats supposedly the best in america held out on me in the dead spot on the bus route *sigh* i spent so much time digging in my bag for nonexistent pen and paper that most of them just flitted away. ah well... the dralas can take them as an offering. dorje_trolo will know what to do with them. he acts when action is required. hum_hum_hum )

u24 and_the_cave_crumbles_around_you 140426
u24 is out of practice oh_bother 140426
unhinged (it is good to see you again friend. i miss the days when we bounced off each_other more regularly.

i am a much different person now. moving 2000 miles away from home with no net, meditating regularly took me in directions i never thought i'd go)
u24 (I miss you too old friend :)

I can imagine that would change you in unpredictable ways. I think I admire it. I'd like to take a break from life just to re-centre.)
unhinged empty with the promise of becoming full

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i never really check my hotmail anymore, especially since microsoft made it somewhat obsolete
unhinged i see the potential in my situation and am grateful. today the sunshines out loud. my heart unfurls.

hello day. it is great to meet you.

'my religion is to live and die without regret' - milarepa
new moon Uhhh, ahhh... Ohhh gawwwwd, YES YES YES ohhhhhhhhh. Mmmm ...yeah 151012
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