birdmad the_smiths 020310
fairydust you know, the mechanical progression of time
what time changes
what drudgery builds
good people at this point in my life, not much matters to me. i am young, smart, strong, and popular enough to suit me. so i say fuck it. just fuck it. fuck it up for everybody!! ill skip school when i feel i can, ill smoke up when i feel i should, ill fuck shit up for the hell of it. if i come to a point where i feel that i should calm down and actually do something, i sure will. but until then, i am in my prime!! might as well waste it on doing something fun, for fucks sake. 020311
Syrope what difference does it make where i go to college, as long as i can get away from you

what difference does it make if i have an unweighted 4.0 or 3.9999 as long as its enough to get me away from you

what difference does it make what i do on my days off as long as it lets me get away from you

what difference does it make if i live or die....i have to get away from you
silentbob yeah anywhere you go is good. just make sure its a city you can appreciate 020312
Toxic_Kisses depends on what "it" is
is it a vote?
is it a leaf falling from a tree?
is it a toe ring?
is it a smile?
the devil will find work for idle birds to do but i'm still fond of you oh-oh 030421
the bird with the thorn in his side and i'm feeling very sick and ill today. 030421
niska i_want_you 030426
hsg wddim "would him"

creating less garbage?
unhinged whenever i get worked up about stuff, he always says something to this effect. his cold objective manner usually only enflames me further, but if/when i stop to think about it, he's usually right. it doesn't make a damn bit of difference how i feel. people do what they want anyways, often with little consideration for me or how i feel. sad_but_true ; it is the nature of suffering to be consumed by it so that you don't see the raft in front of you patiently (or not) waiting to take you to the other side. people can only be helped if they want to be helped. 080820
what's it to you?
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