jane Sitting on a hillside
Watching all the people die
Iíll feel much better on the other side
Iíll thumb a ride

I believe in magic
Why, because it is so quick
I donít need power when Iím hypnotized
Look in my eyes
What are you seeing (I see...)
How do you feel?
I feel real phony when my name is phil
Or was that bill?

Life goes on here
Day after day
I donít know if I am living or if iím
Supposed to be
Sometimes my life is so eerie
And if you think Iím happy
Paint me white

Iíve been here once
Iíve been here twice
I donít know if the thirdís the fourth or if the -
The fifthís to fix
Sometimes I deal with numbers
And if you wanna count me
Count me out

I donít need the times of day
Anytime with meís okay
I just donít want you using up my time
ícause thatís not right

Theyíre locking them up today
Theyíre throwing away the key
I wonder who itíll be tomorrow, you or me?
Weíre all normal and we want our freedom

(spoken:) alla godís chilluns gotta have dere freedom

phil I am serious
seriously in pain
seriously throwing my head against the wall
clenched against all the forces of evil
losing sensation in waves of changing hues
losing a correct state of mind
getting passed around
by nonexistent people
I have no clue
it's all purple
it's all Jimi
it's all pain
people eating brain
it's my nothing real
bathtub drain
filthy feeling way down inside
filthy outlook on love and life
what's it to you?
who go