silentbob she makes me high. she makes it all ok. she makes me feel super duper man. she makes me feel loved. she makes me feel wonderful.
she makes me feel stellar.
emily you know, silent bob, you really sound like you're in makes me happy because sometimes i forget what that can feel're a lucky guy 000607
silent bob thanks emily! you're cool! 000613
Vangelis Wish you remain young! 000620
unhinged "how do you do it...make me feel like you do? how do you do's better than i ever knew."

i can't wait til i can sing that song to someone...that song makes me so happy

that and invalid litter dept. by at the drive-in...i had my own private dance party to that song earlier today
bijou mmm. bubbly-bath. 011018
lovers lament "meet me in outer space
we could spend the night
watch the earth come up
i've grown tired of that place
won't you come with me
we could start again

how do you do it?
make me feel like i do
how do you do it?
it's better than i ever knew"
what a wonderful band. :)
julielynnbrashears meet me in outer space
to me that means the ability to enter that space where the four directions meet in the middle
where colors go at night
where past and future are visible
in either direction
where form could disappear into the frame of the next moment
but maybe that's inner space
maybe he means outer space like out in a park or something like that
or just regular outer space, like where the stars and planets are . . .
tonya little_bastard_asteroids 011019
ellen cherry charles the guy in my life who makes me feel stellar--he loves to dance, he's always humming, you can feel the energy coming off of him, he's enduringly goofy, and persistent, and thoughtful, and slightly catastrophic, and passionate, and puzzled...::sigh:: I'm smitten.
He's stellar
blue unhinged, don't put too much stock in being able to sing that to somebody. more than likely they'll just go sing it to somebody else in turn after they grow bored with loving you. after all, that's the way love works, isn't it? not very stellar. 020124
mazin you 061006
what's it to you?
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