sabbie imagine, getting up out of bed so early. a normal day. kissing your partner. having a shower, using your favorite soap. feeling all warm and clean and soft. kissing your kids as you pass them in the hallway. getting dressed into your working clothes. pants, shirt, jacket. sitting down at the table, eating toast, drinking coffee, reading the paper in the glorious morning sunshine. kissing every member of your household goodbye, walking out your door, down the street, getting onto the train. getting to work. greeting your colluges. another coffee, your office, start up your computer, check some emails...


bang. fire. panic. death. screams and blood. smoke and range and anger and fear, fear so thick you can taste it. people leaping out of windows to escape a firey inferno. floors collapsing, windows shattering, people dying, charred and blackened bodies everywhere. running, shreiking, bleeding, firey, death...

and never being able to come home.

just another day, last day at the office. their last moments of their life lived in corporate clothes and acceptable masks.

today, im going to work in my favorite pants and my favorite skirt. life affirming reactions to such tragedy.
wondering Do you mean to say that wearing more personally expressive clothes to work, just in case your office blows up, is the only profound revelation you are having over this even? Now there's a well thought out, broad reaching, compassionate reaction. 010911
ilovepatsajak aren't supposed to fall down. i was looking at this photo i have of the nyc skyline and it just seems so weird that now it's obsolete kind of. i can't even believe that happened. 010916
birdmad or in spanish:

(which if translated literally means "sky_scratchers" )

at great enough heights they sometimes sway in the wind
professor uno in modern times, it's essential to carry around a putty knife and a bag full of genoa salami 020924
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