tyrosine plumately plummeting from sanguine to sanguinary 030925
luiza makes me want sinewy dark men
dusted with salt from the ocean near
someone plays a guitar
the candle burns
my body has been ripe with
the thought of his breath for days
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl love the stuff
had it on the german_exchange at gerrit_s_party.

that was the moct drunk i hve ever ever been.
apart from two weeks ago in york.
because i got more leathered then.

but anyway, it was a momentous occasion.
i embarrassed myself and my exchange partner in front of the whole exchange group, both german and english, when discovering this drink!

sweet sangria that we were going to give to the rabbits but ended up spilling it over the top of the rabbit hutch.

i blanked out somewhere between sitting on the bench and falling backwards off it. i blinked, opened my eyes up lying on the floor.

only later did i realise i had fallen on broken glass, i cut open part of my back, but i really didn't notice.
one of the english students jumped off a wall or something and cut open his whole arm, will have a scar for the rest of his life and got bollocked from the german doctors for being drunk.

we also tried 'lady power' cherry liqueur that got me pissed within seconds of downing it.
very powerful indeed.

i love sangria!
we haven't had any since germany..... we should have some along with the absinthe and the cherry themed parties we wanted to throw.
jane will be at the wedding tomorrow. the way blood was shed for birth, & separation for the joining of two hearts. 050826
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