startfires smoke two joints in time of peace, and two in time of war. i smoke two joints before i smoke two joints and them i smoke two more 001005
typhoid and their down from humbolt for a little r and ... uh... what was that second letter? 001006
typhoid or was that humboldt... hehe. 001006
guitar_freak party like you mean it!!!!
Pot is your friend!!
ToastiePunk A reefer is a boat!
soulesswanderer Even as I type the words, i forget what they are.
He lied. The boy across the street? He told me he was real. My brain beats in sync with my heart. I asked him. i said, hello. Are you real? I could see him moving his head in agreement. Oh no. Police, i hear their stereo. Lights on, I want to find them. No, lights off! they'll see me! My heads to big. It should be able to fit through the bars! Hi little boy. why are you out so late? You are real, aren't you? Hello little boy.. 4:15? It was just 3:15... my room wont be cleared out by then! No. Still 3:15. I should go talk to tim. He's already in bed. Ohh. Dark. Where'd that little boy go. And why is my head to big? I remeber, it can fit through those bars. Have to get dressed. Go in pajamas. Go where? where you were off too. But I wasnt going anywhere. Smoke looks pretty when it dances across the light. Waving and swirling, and seducing all my senses. I can taste it in my throat. its so dry..
she sits at the computer and thinks that she has to remember to go up to bed in ONE hour. She forgets, and stares into space where she sees those spinny things in the park, that were so fun, and are now illegal, and the carebares..
She remembers to remind her to hide the rest of her weed.
what's it to you?
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