werewolf i'll run through your cities. I'll eat your pork and sniff your cocaine. I'll rob the women and rape the men. I'll love the streetsweepers and i'll patronize the foreigners. I'll throw your election ballots into the sewers where they'll carry the sanfleas away like giant paper titanics, our best intentions crashing into our excrement, our remainders of diminishing divisions. I'll steal back the sun's energy and i'll set fire to the ice creameries. I'll be hot when i should be cold and cold when i should be hot and i'll generally break your rhythm with a well timed scratch or shove or whatever it takes. I'll reach the post of general in the war on drugs, leading the drug addicts to final victory, upping the ante from the current guerilla tactics. I'll shampoo the old ladies till the purple runs from their hair, even if they don't want me to. I'll pick up babies and shake them, then kiss their parents. I'll father nameless children. I'll walk right away from this computer and won't look back. I'll muay thai leg kick boy scouts and i'll throw tinfoil balls at police officers. I'll cut off the tip of my finger with soup. There is no stopping me, no storm cellar that i'm not already inside, no words that do not quicken me, no boundries i believe in. I am the world, and the world is now a rampage. It is the one thing my cynical heart knows truly...i shall not be stopped. 020412
megan hehehehehe *laughs crazily* 030124
blue star love it. 030124
werewolf here's to believing that. 030126
User24 searing through blather at gogogo pace, devirginizing_a_blathe_space every 2 minutes.

yeah! what a rush.
Palindromist Rampage gap; mar. 061207
P the D Intense, Werewolf; evocative of the thundering storms. 061207
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