~gez~ in about a month maybe two i am preforming in the albert hall in london as part of an orchestra, the BSCO, the birmingham schools conert orchestra. we kick 020824
*nat* ass, we really really do, very much so, and i would like to point out the fact that just because we play in an orchestra does not mean that we are all band geeks, most of us are the very opposite 020824
*LB* tell that to my brother!! He calls me a band geek every day!! hes juts jealous of our greatness as he is tone deaf!!!
Albert hall here we come!!
*nat* wohoo,this should be a little entry 4 bsco ppl only lol. to anyone who is stupid (or annoying) enough to not be in bsco and do an entry here:
devalis my greatest fear and my purest pleasure. 020825
~gez~ do we know you LB.. leah? oh ye leah! hi. when did you find out abot blather? 020826
*LB* duh! U told me abt it that time i was online till really l8 020826
blown cherry and open my soul up to critical scrutiny? Never.

An empty shell filled with technical algorithms is all of me that ever touched that stage.

So muffled sounds muted by doors and halls is as close as anyone will ever come.
sab we are all performing
every day of or lives
every second of our day
being all things
to all men
different things
to different people

i was terrified of performing
until i figured out that the stage isnt some magical place that people cant go
that its jsut a designated area
ina designated place

and with those two pieces of magic
the knowledge that a stage is nothing
and that we are performing roles every second

i may well get over this fear

of course, to be truthful, im not really intertested in acting.

but fears are there to be conquered, after all

i dont really want to act
but one day i want to perform
Lint Lover YOu do it on a stage in fromnt of thousands
I do it in a bed for only one
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