kendra i can't take it anymore.
i am so stupid.
i am going to fail.
final tommorrow.
way not ready.
bad bad bad.
i'm so sleepy.
can't stay awake.
i want to cry.
can't even do that.
i'm useless.
going to fail.
big disappointment.
what has happened to me?
what have i become?
why am i typing this?
don't know.
can't concentrate.
want to scream.
want to sigh.

want to crawl under covers and die.
chanaka everything just to feed my addiction
i say i am going to study
i say i am going to socialize
i say i am living a real life
when in actuality i am encased in red colored saran wrap
people who walk by my door stare
people who look at tests scores with me stare
i stare at the results of my neglect
and smile
eklektic i feel terrible because i've done nothing but neglect this for a while but i only did it because i was banned from the internet. i havent talked to you in so long. i hope i'm not losing touch. and its so weird because you say you wrote me a letter and i had written you one too - before i knew you had written me one. but i dont think my father has mailed it yet. but, whether i get yours first or you get mine first, it will be nice to get something in the mail. and i've got so much to tell you about him. not that guy - the greek god - the one that means a lot to me. i really hope you get back fast. i miss you too. i really really do. 020620
phil forgetfulness 020729
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