me? what is unbelievable is maybe what should be trusted most. what is not easily imaginable may be most amusing.

it is disgraceful to eat chips.
Quintessensual as long as they used the condoms and they worked 991124
amy not sure what happened then.
but the official conceding of my conception happened 25 years and two days ago.
it was a happy occasion.
Inigo Mantoya you use this word a lot. I do not think it means what you think it means. 001127
Vizzini "In-con-ceivable!" 001127
silentbob Inn-Kun-Theeviable 001128
Dread Pirate Roberts "Truth IS pain, Princess ...anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something" 001128
Senile Pirate Roberts ..or is it "Life IS pain....." ??

i forget .....

Ho Hum
miniver Power.

"The mind is a system of organs of computation, designed by natural selection to solve the kinds of problems our ancestors faced in their foraging way of life, in particular, understanding and outmaneuvering objects, animals, plants, and other people.

The brain's special status comes from the special thing the brain does, which makes us see, think, feel, choose, and act. That special thing is information processing, computation.

Information and computation reside in patterns of data and in relations of logic that are independant of the physical medium that carries them. Beliefs and desires are -information-, incarnated as configurations of symbols. The symbols are the physical states of bits of matter, like drips in a computer or neurons in the brain. They symbolize things in the world because they are triggered by those things via our sense organs, and because of what they do once they are triggered. If the bits of matter that constitute a symbol are arranged to bump into the bits of matter constituting another symbol in just the right way, the symbols corresponding to one belief can give rise to new symbols corresponding to another belief logically related to it, which can give rise to symbols corresponding to other beliefs, and so on. Eventually the bits of matter constituting a symbol bump into bits of matter connected to the muscles, and behavior happens."

Many things are 'inconceivable' that need not have been powerful.

Maybe natural, though. Maybe just absurd. Or accidental.

I suppose it may depend on who or what you are in the universe, and who or what you seem to think you are.
twiggie even as i just glanced at this word i thought of the princess bride and how much time i spent drooling over that damn farm boy. 010108
arlecchino it's quite just that, inconcievable 010810
Inigo you keep using that word. I dona think it means what you think it means. 010810
what's it to you?
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