girl_jane but I'm not ready to go to bed yet. I want to stay up. I'm falling asleep in the chair... 030314
unhinged but i drove past that bar in canton that i was in with you for the night that you made me think we might be able to get together. sitting outside on the parking block in the parking lot singing spirituals to each other leaning so that we couldn't look into each other's eyes. just a little drunk from the small amount of beam 'n' coke she couldn't finish on the way there. i still have the orange lighter you left in her backseat that night. it was funny; i was like that with him when we dated (or maybe not according to more recent accounts) in the same exact bar. you were a little aggressive about the pda. god, that day, that bar, was just one of the { EXCERPTS } of the episode that was my life for the past four years. it's almost over. it's almost done. maybe then i will breathe, sleep. that night you jumped out of the car without a hug again. i still have that lighter.

with just enough to set me on fire
screwing for virginity i am incredably sick, it hurts to talk and i sound like a 60 year old smoker, and im doped up on nyquill, but the lure of blather is driving all sleep from my mind 030315
girl_jane I've been here before... 030621
x i have a glass with pretty green stuff in it that's gonna help me 030621
endless desire but i am going to wake up so soon that
it really doesn't matter anymore.
what's it to you?
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