dosquatch and right now I'm so in love with you.

With your words
and twisty mazes of phrases
locked in stasis
whatever the case is
you said it, I read it
and I'm indebted
never regret it
I'll bet it
means something more
than the words you've said
than what it means to me
or you
or him or her or them
your words
are a window, my view of your world
of your heart
and soul
and God
The way you live and love
may pain me or sustain me
lift me up or lay me down
turn my frown upside down
or not
but right now, I'm so in love with you
I said it
I won't regret it
though I might forget it
because I'm drunk.
puredream . 040603
witchesrequiem I'm drunk 90 percent of the time I get on here...

And that stuff I just read made spin
tipsy riding with you t'night witchey...\ 040723
Deomis I'm drunk from my tears. 040724
stork daddy i'm just plain old, unfancy, regular let's vacation in tahoe once a year for two weeks or so drunk. i'm let's go to some bar or see some stupid movie drunk. no great rumi answers are going to come from me. perhaps a desperate and inept attempt at fucking or some philosophy that ends with the immortal and deep lines...don't we all sometimes as immature as it is want a girl who will fuck us to techno music...and sincerely? 040725
Twitch super cooooooolllllllllllll.

its nice...of course i have an exercise plan...and wine can;t be good for it...

but how can i get in shape now?

god..i like this more than the ol' ganja.

of course...it'd be more fun with friends...............

but whateva.

i mean the rockstar dream is aproaching...


and ill wanna get in shape before that.

and so on ...and so on.
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