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wouldn't let that stop you. flow as you must. the wonders of purple velvet. the bright cheeriness of the haver-reaper.
troy hyacinth - beautiful...
floating on the suface of the still water, with the happy goldfish resting underneath..
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Hyacinth Respass strong and weak all the same, the wind blowing long dark hair, the world spinning in Hyacinth colored eyes 000619
tourist The Flotation Bladders of this rapidly reproducing water plant once nearly choked the rivers in Florida making it almost impossible to navigate in small boats. The Response was to carryout a large scale herbicidal spraying program and Ban the Ownership of this Plant without Special permission. It is now Rare, but not non-existant.
It had been introduced as an Ornamental, It's Flowers beeing quite beautiful Six petaled Star shaped, Purple with a Yellow Blaze on One petal reminisant of a Peacock Feather.
As long as they were Kept in the realative ioslation of small ponds and away from open water they were Wonderful. But once Any Piece escaped the rapid growth soon covered the entire surface. They make excellent Water filtration devices, keeping fish ponds crystal clear, I love them, but I have the good sense not to toss any part of the plant I remove from the pond where it can escape. It is not Cold Hardy, and if it is going to Freeze you have to bring a piece or two inside until the temperature goes back up, but you don't have to save much, this thing is Prolific.
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