pipedream yay!

dedicated to the fellow mad national song person:

(8) eik daali ke phool, eik dhanak ke rang, eik shama ke parwaney (8)

la la la la la la la la la la la la la

(8)lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri
zindagi shama ki soorat ho khudaya meri

oldephebe um what language is that, it looks like a linguistic cognate of ah native Hawiian or the south pacific, very lyrical, now i think i understand where the music comes from in your lovely lyrical poems - again forgive my ponderous and pedantic tone, puh-lease,
i'm as much a linguist as W is a brilliant political strategist (strategery) heheh blah!!

randomness and no sleep

is stupid as my fav cousin used to say
pipedream it's urdu :) bits and bobs of national songs.
and yes, it IS very lyrical..it's a beautiful, deep language that draws on the magic of several other ones, including turkish, persian and arabic, to create a blend that holds such potency to sweep away that it leaves me breathless, and wishing i could harness it better.

and you aren't stupid. why was this your favourite cousin again? *grin*
oldephebe thanks for the explanation - umm well we didn't meet until we were 16, it was at my fathers funeral - and uh aterwards in a mutual uncles car we just started talking like we knew each other for years - i think it was my non-linear way of talking and my wierd verbiage or something - but whever i eent off on one of my tangents she'd just say "you are so stupid" um it sorta means your so silly or aomething like that - umm we were really close even thogh we attended different colleges but eventually I left PA for a while and we lost touch - umm I look more like her than her own brothers, we could probably pass for brother and sister and we both felt closer to one another than our own siblings - umm she is one of the most compassionate - honest people i have ever known - almost guiless - she has an advanced degree in nursing and ah i couldn't imagine her doing anything else - 030825
pipedream she sounds like a lovely person...aren't cousins great? i have a few around my age of a little older, and we're all really close...they're the most wonderful kind of relationships that anyone could have. i am so blessed. 030902
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