globalfruitbat heavy misty hangin substance
that (oops) is missing an "n" methinks..but
ah well
I can only do so much to paint the picture of the house
with the wraparound porch and the walls all white and cracking with the sounds
of hundreds of tea parties and g-and-t parties
with a small girl running through the cool green mist to the swamp behind
brown hair streaming out
and fairies to be found awaiting her there.
pete some day is now, they say... 040531
globalfruitbat then you wanna run through the moss hung trees with me?
we can take a picnic and have lunch
in the crook of a branch
and then hunt for alligators.
it'll be the quiet day that we break, the sound of
feet and searches waking up the birds
pobodys nerfect *eyes open widely,accompanied by huge smile* Did someone mention green?! =) 040531
globalfruitbat it's the colour of everything here--
come run through the fields and if we're quiet we can
go up the musty back stairs
and play hide and seek in the attic filled with trunks and old mirrors

and maybe the mirrors will open the glass
slide back and all the air on the otherside
will come to play too.
pobody oooooo! i wanna go there! =D 040531
globalfruitbat come inside then.
do you want a white dress witha pinafore that is sure to get nice and muddy?
or a pair of knickers, with a white shirt destined for the same fate?
you pick
and we'll have iced tea and go spelunking
tyler waters weaving in between the trees in
a serene sea of mossy green
the glossy world can been tossed
when hours can be lost at no cost
watching flowers receive their showers
pipedream i want to come too!!!!

greenness is real after a monsoon.
Twist9 The true queen of the green, never failing to inspire as spring spreads out before her, the Greeness has come to reign and nothing can stop her gentle smile.

He tears his gaze away from her perfect form and_he_lives
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