nightcrawler i saw the girl with the shaved head and rastafarian skirt dancing with the homeless man and it was beautiful. 020629
unhinged every sunday beginning tomorrow for the next five weeks at 3pm at the wisconsin conservatory 020629
kerry we walk in and 10 heads must have turned to stare at us. i was wearing my Promise Ring tshirt. we all looked good.
we found kasey, jackie, and vail. we stood in a circle and laughed at people walking by and stories we told while waiting for the band to start.

i saw ronnie with his red hair spiked in the air, huge pieces all over his head, sonic-the-hedgeho-style, wearing a clash tshirt, and jo and i went to talk to him. he was tall and attractive and intoxicating, and i am officially obsessed.
professor uno i can't seem to find my tickets 020807
unhinged "stay away from those musicians kid"
"you don't dictate my gravy"
"i think we can literally say we are rockin the suburbs micheal"

today is a fucking beautiful day. this is the shit i live for.

"we would like to thank borders books and music for having us out today. the name of this song is rot. let's read while we think about it."
jane this is what you get when you work at an ampitheatre 020808
no reason that would be awesome. 020809
jane it is awesome, but it has its drawbacks...for instance, there are some concerts that i would love to see but i'll have to work or something

not to mention i've seen so many performances now that i'm something like concert jaded
what's it to you?
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