athanasios Would one who achieved such a state have the need for definitions at all? 000128
misstree suspended in timeless sensation,
we were animals and gods.

slippery flesh and boiling blood
and hands grasping greedily,
we met and writhed like tangled serpents,
devouring eachother in eternal empathy.

we strained into and against with soft, savage rhythyms,
each stroke a celebration, each gasp a victory.
we were gods, lions, siamese twins,
feeling and filling and consuming eachother
in incestuous unity.
sensation was a sacrifice as old as the rain,
father sky pounding & filling musky mother earth.

you were the serpent that slid across Eve's skin
in innocent temptation, drawing us towards the
golden apple of knowledge diving--
not the dry, dusty facts of scholars,
but pleasure too pure and intense to be kept
in mortal bounds, the feeling of gods
in the act of creation, too strong for
gentle souls, the property of saveates
in ancient, ecstatic rituals.

For a time, we were animals and gods,
steeped in senses, stripped of all else,
mind fed to soul fed to flesh
as a dacrifice to summon the self-contained divine.

Copyright 2000, Dead Tree Inc.
daanuh ... they sell us love as divinity, when its only a social obscenity... 001114
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shorlove Dave? 030422
Death of a Rose Were I a clumsy poet
I'd compare you to Helen;
Ransack the mythologies
Greek, Chinese and Persian

For a goddess vehement
And slim: one with form as fair.
Yet find none. O,love, you are
Lithe as a Jew peddler

And full of grace. Such lightness
Is in your step, instruments
I keep for the beholder
To prove you walk, not dance.

Merely to touch you is fire
In my head; my hair becomes
A burning bush. When you speak,
Like Moses I am dumb

With marvelling, or like him
I stutter with pride and fear:
I hold, Love, divinity
In my changed face and hair.

Irving Layton

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